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Abroma radix is made from genuine raw materials, back potency and expensive and purest form of alcohol, namely Extra Neutral Alcohol (ENA).

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Abroma radix is a homeopathic medicine prepared from the root of Abroma augusta which is commonly known as Olat Kambal. Abroma Augusta and Abroma radix are not obtained from different plants. Both come from the same plant. The extract made from leaves of the plant is called Abroma Augusta and an extract from its root is known as Abroma radix or Abroma augusta radix.

Abroma radix CH is a homeopathic dilution that is further derived from Abroma radix mother tincture. This medicine is however very effective in the form of mother tincture as a tonic for uterine disorders.

The bark of the root of the plant olat kambal is a well known emmenagogue and uterine tonic mainly used to treat intra-uterine diseases and other gynecological problems related to menstrual cycles such as dysmenorrhea, amenorrhea, and leucorrhea. The root extract is also a powerful abortifacient and anti-fertility agent.

Abroma radix benefits
Abroma radix CH is one of the best homeopathic medicines for female complaints. It has a great effect on the female reproductive system and it helps to regulate the female hormones and maintains their hormones. Abroma radix induces and regulates the menstrual cycle and strengthens the tone of the uterine muscles.

The symptoms and main spheres of action of Abroma radix CH

The main sphere of action of this homeopathic medicine Abroma radix is the female genital organs especially, the mucous membrane and musculature of the uterus.
Abroma radix has a marked affinity for ovaries, uterus and vaginal mucosa. It acts as a powerful uterine tonic.
It is indicated for premenstrual syndrome where the patients are very ill-tempered and are easily angered.
It is useful in females who suffer from delayed menstrual periods with cause pain and general irritability.
It is also useful for leucorrhoea and dysmenorrheal.
It is very effective in treating metrorrhagia or heavy uterine bleeding with dark clots, menstrual irregularity, oligomenorrhea, or scanty menses or amenorrhea or absence of menses.
Abroma radix is also useful for relieving false labor pains. Menses copious or scanty, with dark bleeding mixed with clots.
It is one of the best homeopathic remedies for PCOD( polycystic ovarian disorder)
It regularizes the irregular menstrual cycle and brings about normal flow. It is used for the treatment of delayed menstrual periods
It starts the delayed menses and reduces pain associated with delayed menses.
Abroma radix also corrects the psychological symptoms related to hormonal imbalance and periods such as irritability and anger, etc.
It contains antispasmodic properties that help to reduces pain in the joints and colicky pain in the lower abdomen before the menses.
It is very effective in treating issues related to white discharge per vagina such as itching, low back pain, etc.
It is indicated for after pains and in the treatment of thin watery leucorrhoea in weak, lean girls who are very sensitive to cold.
Abroma radix CH acts well on all the above disorders but it suits the best in lowest dilution, Q, 2x and 3x.

Abroma radix homeopathic medicine uses
Uses of Abroma radix in menstrual problems: It is a well known female remedy and has a special affinity for the uterus. Some of the problems for which it is very helpful are as follows:

Dysmenorrhea: It is the condition where the menses is associated with severe lower abdominal pain and menstrual cramps. Abroma radix helps to get relief from the pain.

Leucorrhea: Discharge of white or yellowish mucus from the vagina is called leucorrhea. Sometimes it is associated with low back pain and itching in the vagina. Abroma Radix helps to cure this problem in women.

Uterine fibroid: Development of a tumor or abnormal outgrowth in the uterine cavity is called a fibroid tumor. It is mostly benign and it may vary in size and location inside the uterus. Abroma radix helps to shrink its size and acts as a uterine tonic.

Amenorrhea: It is defined as the absence of a menstrual period which can be primary or secondary. Abroma radix helps to treat both the conditions. It stimulates the production of oestrogen and progesterone which are the hormones that regulate the menstrual cycle.

In general Abroma radix is very helpful to young girls and women who suffer from menstrual disorders, irregular menses, menstrual cramps and colic, extreme mental and physical restlessness, weakness, bloating and heaviness of abdomen during menses. Also for associated mental irritability, bad temper and anger issues. It effectively reduces the pain and calms down the mind. It stimulates and maintains the production and maintaining the balance of menstrual hormones thereby regulating the menstrual cycle. On the whole, it is one of the best uterine tonics for women who suffer from uterine weakness. It is very effective in mother tincture form. Schwabe India?s Abroma radix mother tincture price is cost-effective with high quality.








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