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Abies nigra is made from genuine raw materials, back potency and expensive and purest form of alcohol, namely Extra Neutral?Alcohol?(ENA).

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Abies nigra or Pinus nigra is a homeopathic remedy prepared from the gum of the black spruce tree which grows in the northern part of North America. A homeopathic mother tincture is prepared from the gum of this tree and Abies nigra CH is a dilution which is further derived from this tincture.

Clinical indications of Abies nigra CH
Abies nigra CH is a very powerful and long-acting remedy, useful in treating many disease conditions whenever the characteristic stomach symptoms are present. In most of the cases, the symptoms are associated with gastric and digestive troubles. Abies nigra, homeopathy remedy is very useful in treating indigestion with frequent eructations, constipation, fever with hemorrhages, hemoptysis, hypochondriasis, sleeplessness, peptic ulcers, persistent cough, bad effects from using tobacco and drinking lots of tea.

Abies nigra 30 uses/ Abies nigra 30 benefits
The main action of this homeopathic medicine Abies nigra is on the digestive system. It is often indicated when there is a sensation as if a hard body or as if a hard-boiled egg, had lodged in the cardiac end of the stomach or the oesophagus. These complaints are aggravated after eating. Indigestion and constipation caused by too much tea and tobacco chewing. The pain in the stomach always comes after eating due to indigestion. Frequent, offensive eructations with distressing sensation in the stomach. Total loss of appetite in the morning but great craving for food at noon and night. Sleeplessness from hunger at night. Dyspeptic troubles of aged people with functional heart symptoms. Complaints from taking tea or tobacco for a long time.

To patients with very low-spirited mind and full of melancholy. Nervousness with unable to think or study. Dizziness with a dull headache and with flushed cheeks.
Choking sensation in the throat with a sensation of a lump sticking in the oesophagus towards its lower end.
For lung diseases with the sensation as if there was a hard substance to be coughed up with or without haemoptysis.
For rheumatic complaints and aching in the bones with alternate heat and cold during pains. Pain in the small of the back
For sleeplessness where the patient feels sleepy and dull during the day, but wakeful and restless at night. Sleeplessness from bad dreams and hunger at night.
For fevers with alternate heat and cold. Chronic intermittent fever, with pain in the stomach
For painful sensation in the chest, as if some foreign body or lump is lodged in the chest and had to be coughed up. There is a sensation of oppression and tightness of the chest where the lungs feel compressed. Feels as if the chest cannot be fully expanded. The chest symptoms are worse from coughing.
For waterbrash after cough with choking sensation in the throat.
For dyspnea at night and when lying down. Heart troubles with sharp, cutting pain in the chest. The heart?s action is heavy and slow. It is also indicated for both tachycardia and bradycardia.
Abies nigra, homeopathic medicine can be taken when the symptoms correspond but it is always better to have a consultation with a homeopathic physician before taking any medicine as they can provide better guidance as with dosage and duration of?the?treatment.








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